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The Long Story

Elizabeth Stoodley

There's a saying, "You don't know what you don't know".  Never did that so accurately describe my circumstance as it did the day before my daughter was born.

In 2019 I became pregnant with my husband's and my first child.  We were overjoyed, and began preparing in all the ways that we knew of at the time to welcome our baby in to the world.  I was working two jobs at the time, and spent almost my entire pregnancy surviving off of poutine and pizza pops because nothing else would reliably stay down.  Pregnancy, to me, was not as joy-filled as I had anticipated, and I looked forward to meeting my little girl and feeling well again.


At 41 weeks I was sent for an ultrasound that showed our baby as "breech".  It almost seemed like a bad word. The working Obstetrician had a talk with us about the dangers of labouring with breech presentation and I was quickly scheduled for a cesarean section.  After an unsuccessful spinal tap, and nearly without warning, I was put under general anesthetic, my husband was refused entrance to the room, and our beautiful baby girl was surgically removed from my body.


I woke up later that day with full-criteria post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and would go on to suffer through a full 18 months of emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical anguish before connecting with up-to-date professionals and receiving a proper diagnosis.  It was only then that I could find the supports and strategies I needed to start becoming the mother I had always planned to be.


With today's research and knowledge of birth trauma, no woman needs to wait that long to find help.

I went on to explore many avenues of healing and in 2022 chose to begin studying under the founder of Birth Trauma Ontario to help give mothers the support and trauma-informed care that we all deserve!

Since then, I have learned a great deal about many aspects of healing that are all too often neglected in our western medical model.  These parts of holistic wellness are especially important for female physiology to function as it is designed to.  Unfortunately many women are led astray by fads, diets and outdated policies that harm the ability of their body to adapt to the changes that are necessary in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.  This often leaves them burnt out, depleted, scared, and depressed, priming them for trauma and PTSD.  Proper perinatal education and support can transform women's experiences from desperate to determined.  I am here to help that happen.


My Post-Birth Trauma Path

While I know it's trite to say that a lot has changed since 2019, in my personal path, these last few years have truly made all the difference.  My trauma-injuries transformed from being bitter, confusing, and resented realities of my daily life to becoming this remarkable doorway that opened to deeper healing and strength than I had ever known.

This work has become not only a personal passion, but a call that I feel honoured to answer as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a friend.  Women deserve better.

Trainings & Networks

Breech Without Borders

Certifying July 2023

Trauma-Informed Professional

January 2022- Present (Certifying)

Traditional Birth Companion

January 2022- Present (Certifying)

Birth Trauma Kingston

February 2023 - Present (Founder)

The Harrigan Hive

July 2021- Present (Active Member)

Birth Trauma Ontario

June 2021- Present (Active Member)

Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance (Facilitator)

September 2020- Present

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