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2023 Service Offerings
Please contact me to book

To align with my values, I choose to make my services accessible to all by offering a very affordable sliding-scale.  I also offer all consulting services free-of-charge to all BIPOC sisters. 

For me, this isn't about the money; it's about the movement.



Meet with me in the format of your choice to discuss your healing journey and determine what the next few steps can look like within your budget and schedule considerations.  The time is yours; you may trust me with your trauma story if you feel ready to do so, or we can speak solely about symptoms & solutions.  Whatever you can safely tolerate at this point in your path.

Unpack the baggage that you should have never had to carry.


Learn about holistic, evidence-based, non-medical supports for future birthing experiences.

Access my 14+ months of knowledge studying under a Traditional Birth Companion.  Together, we'll discuss what actual options are available in your community, why medical providers may not be sharing the options that they prefer not to support, and how you can advocate for yourself no matter where, when, or how you decide to birth.

Learn how to escape the fear and confidently embrace the future.


There is great comfort in knowing that we are not alone.  Reserve a night or two each month to gather and find strength with other women who can understand your experiences and perspective. Available in-person in Kingston, Ontario, and virtually through Zoom.

Contact me here or via the Facebook group: Birth Trauma Kingston.


One of the easiest ways to empower yourself!  Increase your awareness of the fight for women's wellness by virtually watching some informative and fearless films!  Send me an email to receive each month's link.

Educating & Advocating

In 2023, my personal advocacy focus is improving the vaginal breech support skills of Ontario's birth professionals by bringing a Breech Without Borders training to Eastern Ontario.  Please share with your providers in the area and let them know that you support women's birthing rights!

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